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About Ordnance, Defence & Marine

At Jobwurx, we understand the critical role of CNC machining in the Ordnance, Defence, and Marine industries. With our advanced facilities and skilled team, we are dedicated to delivering precision-engineered components that drive innovation in these sectors. Committed to uncompromising quality, we harness the power of CNC machining to manufacture components that surpass the rigorous demands of the Ordnance, Defence, and Marine industries.

In the Ordnance sector, CNC machining plays a vital role in producing components that meet stringent requirements for precision, durability, and reliability. We leverage CNC machining technology to manufacture a wide range of specialized components used in firearms, artillery systems, and munitions. Our expertise enables us to achieve exceptional accuracy and consistency in the production of complex parts, ensuring the highest standards of performance and safety in the Ordnance industry.

Defence applications demand components that can withstand extreme conditions and deliver uncompromising performance. CNC machining is instrumental in manufacturing critical components for defence systems, including military vehicles, aircraft, and naval vessels. At Jobwurx, we employ CNC machining to produce robust and reliable components that meet the stringent requirements of the Defence industry. Our focus on precision, quality, and innovation ensures that our components contribute to the success of defence applications.

The Marine industry relies on precision-engineered components that can withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments. CNC machining enables us to produce high-quality parts for marine vessels, offshore platforms, and underwater systems. From propulsion systems to structural components, Jobwurx utilizes CNC machining to create components that excel in terms of performance, durability, and corrosion resistance. With our expertise, we contribute to the reliability and efficiency of Marine industry applications.

Experience the precision, reliability, and excellence of Jobwurx’s CNC machined components for the Ordnance, Defence, and Marine industries. Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge solutions can enhance your operations and drive success in these sectors.

Products Offered

Here are some CNC machined components commonly used in the Ordnance, Defence, and Marine industries:

  1. Firearm Components: Precision CNC machining is employed to manufacture a wide range of firearm components, including receivers, barrels, bolts, triggers, and slides. These parts are crafted with tight tolerances and smooth surfaces to ensure reliable operation and exceptional accuracy.

  2. Optics Mounts: CNC machining is utilized to produce mounts for optical devices such as scopes, red dot sights, and night vision devices. These mounts provide secure attachment and precise alignment, enhancing targeting capabilities in critical situations.

  3. Ammunition Components: CNC machining is used to manufacture ammunition components, including casings, projectiles, primers, and cartridge parts. These components are produced with utmost precision and strict adherence to specifications, ensuring reliable performance and safety.

  4. Armor and Ballistic Protection: CNC machining is employed to produce armor and ballistic protection components, such as plates, helmets, and shields. These components provide essential defense against ballistic threats while maintaining a lightweight profile, ensuring the safety of personnel in demanding environments.

  5. Communication and Electronic Enclosures: CNC machining is utilized to manufacture enclosures for communication and electronic devices used in defense applications. These enclosures offer protection for sensitive electronic components, ensuring their functionality and reliability in rugged and challenging environments.

  6. Drone and Unmanned Systems Components: CNC machining is used to produce components for drones and unmanned systems, including airframes, motor mounts, payload housings, and structural parts. These CNC machined parts contribute to the performance, agility, and functionality of unmanned platforms in various applications.

  7. Guided Missile Components: CNC machining is employed to manufacture components for guided missiles, such as missile bodies, fins, guidance systems, and warhead components. These components require exceptional precision, strength, and resistance to extreme temperatures and pressures for effective deployment and mission success.

  8. Vehicle and Equipment Components: CNC machining is utilized to produce components for military vehicles and equipment, including chassis parts, mounts, brackets, and specialized fittings. These components provide vital support, functionality, and durability in demanding operational environments.

  9. Explosive Ordnance Components: CNC machining is used to manufacture components for explosive ordnance devices, including detonators, fuzes, initiators, and specialized mechanisms. These CNC machined parts ensure precise and reliable functionality, contributing to the safe and effective deployment of explosive ordnance.

  10. Surveillance and Targeting Systems: CNC machining is employed to produce components for surveillance and targeting systems, such as camera mounts, laser housings, and sensor brackets. These precision-engineered parts contribute to accurate reconnaissance, targeting, and surveillance capabilities.