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At Jobwurx, the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and the communities where we do business is our highest priority.

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Steeler Industrial high end manufacturing services are a perfect complement
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In today’s rapidly evolving and interconnected world, the manufacturing industry plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, economic growth, and societal progress. Manufacturing is the backbone of countless industries, providing the essential products that fuel our daily lives, from electronics and automobiles to healthcare devices and consumer goods. However, navigating the complex landscape of manufacturing can be a daunting task, both for businesses seeking reliable manufacturers and for individuals with unique product ideas in need of production.

Recognizing these challenges, our company emerges as a transformative force, providing a comprehensive platform that seamlessly connects manufacturers from diverse sectors with customers in need of high-quality and customized products. With a commitment to revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape, we are dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals to bring their ideas to life in an efficient, collaborative, and cost-effective manner.

Our platform serves as a dynamic marketplace, bridging the gap between manufacturers and customers and fostering a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration, innovation, and growth. By onboarding manufacturers from various sectors onto our platform, we create a diverse and extensive network of expertise and capabilities. Whether it is precision machining, plastic injection moulding, electronics assembly, or specialized fabrication techniques, Aerospace, Defence, Automation, Robotics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Automotive, EV, Solar, Renewable Energy, Power Plants, and Manufacturing Industries, our platform brings together a vast array of manufacturing partners, ensuring that customers have access to the right expertise for their unique needs.

For manufacturers, our platform offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their capabilities, facilities, and track record of excellence. By creating detailed profiles, manufacturers can present their expertise, certifications, and previous work, allowing customers to make informed decisions based on the manufacturer’s credibility and proven track record. Through our platform, manufacturers can tap into new markets, expand their customer base, and establish long-term partnerships, driving growth and sustainability for their businesses.


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Our people are our biggest asset but the only way to unlock their potential is to invest in the right business systems that encourage innovation. When you enable motivated people with the right tools, and the right ethical framework, the combination is powerful.

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At Jobwurx Industrial Ventures Pvt Ltd., we are committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. We aim to minimize our carbon footprint by implementing sustainable practices throughout our operations, promoting energy efficiency, and reducing waste. We strive to partner with manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our platform supports eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing practices.